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''A course that enriches the mind and awakens the soul !  As a Hermetic student myself i can say that the amount of information presented in the 'HERMETIC MAGNETISM' part

of the course is unlike any other in the world.

Lee's vast  knowledge on the subject brings to the table teachings that are not easily found in writing and texts, a course that will enhance your perception and open your mind to the deeper teachings that lie within you.

Indeed a course I would take over and over again !'' 

Harold Wijetunge 

'The Hermetic Magnetism part of the course is a must for those who wish to delve deeper into their own personal practice and who have an interest in the Hermetic tradition or are keen to learn but are not sure where to start given its depth. Lee guides you majestically towards the inner doors of your own temple providing you with the practical exercises, which have been preserved carefully since antiquity, along with his knowledge of the arcane symbols which serve to remove the veil and enable one to be and remain truly AWAKE which is for the student of The Royal Art the very 'raison d'être'.

This course is a rare offering which shouldn't be missed!!''     A. S J Drew-Yeates

''The 'HERMETIC MAGNETISM' part of the course was an awe-inspiring treasure hunt, as we uncovered the vast history of Magnetism and the hermetic arts both in theory and in practice. Lee guided us through the British Museum from different lands and different periods of time, shedding light on a totally different level to what is given in descriptions or audio guides.

If you have a passion for knowing the real truth about the ancient mystery teachings, Egypt or any other great civilization look no further. Over the two days, you'll only glimpse the tip of the iceberg of what Lee has to offer, it's a real treat and one not to miss''

Adam Awan 

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