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Mark Booth and Lee Gerrard Barlow talk on Osiris

'I whole heartedly recommend this mind bending eye opening tour'

Mark Booth aka Jonathan Black

Best selling author of the 'Secret History of the World '

Check out Lee Gerrard- Barlow's website for his Ancient Egyptian Magic and Enlightenment tours of the British Museum.

I HIGHLY recommend these tours for anyone interested in the mysteries of the ancient world and hidden symbolism You actually FEEL things!! Very, very amazing!


It was my great pleasure to have a private tour of the Egyptian section of the British Museum with the erudite and charming Lee Gerrard-Barlow. Knowledgeable and so enthusiastic about his subject, he unlocked many of the secrets of the objects on display.

I was left with a greater understanding of and appreciation of the spiritual/alchemical beliefs of the ancient Egyptians. Last but not least, the tour ended in the Enlightenment Gallery where Mr. Gerrard-Barlow pointed out several fascinating objects that he linked back to the ancient Egyptians. Not a tour to be missed! LINDA STEFANO

We went on Lee's tour at the British Museum yesterday. Fascinating and excellent insights into some of the  religious/mystical/magickal beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians and how that has formed a bedrock of many current magickal practices. He had a very clear and insightful delivery style and also enabled energy transmission from some of the egregores associated with the ancient Egyptian objects we were observing. Chap is the real deal and well worth attending the tour!


I’d been meaning to take this tour for so long and I had had really sky-high expectations but Lee still managed to blow them out of the water. He proceeded to spin a web of symbols and meaning and context all around us in so many layers and dimensions it was just staggering. Apart from his vast knowledge, he has such passion and joy in the subject,it would be impossible to listen and be left untouched... The sheer amount of facts left me reeling-in the good way! Seriously, if you are ever in London ,if there’s only one thing you do... make it BE this tour! And

you can thank me later..


Weighing of the heart against a feather. Anubis and Thoth in attendance. Only the heart is lighter than a feather,it is allowed the progress of the soul to heaven''...from the Papyrus of Ani.. Thank you Lee Gerrard-Barlow.

If anyone would like to join a magical tour with the flavour of Egyptian spirituality, please contact Mr Lee Gerrard Barlow. My friends Sergio Ocelocoy,Ania Love-Acupuncture,

Joanna Miquiztli Rus and I -we have joined him last week in the British Museum and loved it! We are coming back for more! 


I went on Lee's tour at the British Museum yesterday and really enjoyed it ,particularly because Lee clearly has a much deeper understanding of the Ancient Egyptian symbolism, going beyond ordinary archaeology.  Had a nice chat over coffee during the half-way break too .I think I'm now officially addicted to the Egyptian sections of the British Museum! Thanks so much Lee!  JOHN CHAX 

If you are deciding whether to go on this tour,then i urge you to do so! Drenched in mystery and magic with a guide who is both very knowledgeable and so personable.So good in fact, that we are booking another time ! 


I couldn't recommend Lee's guided tour enough! Incredibly informative,very engaging and entertaining guide,

through the Egyptians perspective on magical thinking via the British museum exhibits.Beautiful knowledge,it is not to be missed! Thanks you, Lee !


I had such a wonderful day yesterday.

It was incredibly interesting to the point where I just completely forgot

to take any pictures! Sorry, I was just too busy picking my jaw off the ground Our guide, Mr Lee Gerrard-Barlow,is himself a practitioner and his passion,nice sense of humor and genuine interest in the subject matter, had our apt attention for 3 hours straight.He was very patient with our never-ending stream of questions even when we realized that we had been questioning him for so long that the museum was about to close! I have to surely recommend this tour to anyone with an afternoon free in London! Don't worry if this isn't a topic you have much knowledge about in advance-your mind will still be blown,I promise!


A must for lovers of all things Egyptian,specially magical and spiritual side and even for those who are simply curious to know more.The tour was fun,so fascinating ,lively and easy to understand and the guide is clearly passsionate about this topic. It does

not matter at all whether you are a complete novice or if you already have some knowledge,it does not matter! 

It gave me a much clearer understanding of a lot of the basic symbolism on Egyptian statues and objects in the museum.

Lee also touches upon how this symbolism is universal to other religions e.g. Hinduism and how it's influence has stretched over into Christianity.

Highly recommended !



My husband's and my time with Mr. Gerrard-Barlow in the British Museum was deeply fascinating and fulfilling. His words rang true and combined with the presence of the artifacts and symbols, transmitted a visceral understanding of some of the workings of and principles of alchemy.He imparted some truths that I couldn't completely understand with my mind yet I could feel and know within my body. Lee Gerrard-Barlow has an obvious passion for these teachings. Most impressing was his ability to share with us drops of his vast ocean of knowledge with genuine humility.

We felt warmly welcomed and we left filled-to-the-brim! JACQUELINE CHAN

If anyone wants to go on an very very splendid tour of the Egyptology Section of the British Museum,I highly recommend of Sir Lee Gerrard-Barlow's brilliant guided tour.

CECCILIA SMART                                               

A few days ago I joined Lee Gerrard- Barlow's tour at the British Museum.

If you have any interest in esotericism,  mysticism or simply would like to understand some basic principles and symbols carried through to modern day's religions and spiritual rituals - then this tour is A MUST when you visit London......Enjoy!



A fantastic journey through Egyptian symbolism Lee's tour gave us a fascinating
insight into the symbolic works and worlds one of histories most seminal periods.
A treat for anyone interesting in going deeper than just dynastic names and dates... Recommended 100%!!


Hi Everyone,just letting you know that myself,my Wife and our good friend went on Lee's tour last Sunday and it was absolutely fascinating!We all found it opened up a completely new and different view of the ancient Egyptian culture when compared to the more mundane tours and really brought a different view of the ancient Egyptian culture compared to the more mundane tours. It really brought to life the vibrancy of the Spiritual Essence of the ancient Egyptian culture and beliefs!

Lee is a wonderful guide who is genuinely passionate about highly his subject and we highly most recommend this highly fascinating and such a captivating tour!


You will enjoy a highly informative and engaging hour which covers all the key figures and myths of the time, their ritualistic and symbolic significance

and see how it all still remains relevant within society today. Great stuff Lee and I shall be coming back for lecture 2 in the series.



Learnt much that was new and interesting about the myth and history on Lee's Egyptian Enlightenment tour but just as importantly i re-connected to Egypt from a different perspective. So much to learn yet still, am ready to go back  to Egypt with new eyes....Lee

is an excellent guide in the Egyptian and Western Mysteries. I only wish he did the tours over there!

I had been waiting a year to go on this tour and saving it for a special occasion. Oh it was definitely worth the wait! 

Lee tailored it really well for me and my friends with an esoteric touch! I would definitely do it again!! AFIRA KHAN

My private tour of the Egyptian Galleries with Lee Gerard-Barlow was amazing and I can highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in Egyptology and/or magick. I have previously

studied Egyptology at Liverpool University and I have visited the British Museum many times in the past but I found out information from Mr. Barlow that was all completely new to me and caused me much food for thought and inspired future research.

One afternoon is really not long enough to hear all that Mr. Barlow has to say about the exhibits and the background to the collections,so I would advise anyone who wants to book,to arrange

a private tour to spend as much time as can be offered.

I understand that Mr. Barlow also takes groups around the Egyptian Galleries but of course a private tour allows you to ask him many questions (for which he will have

lengthy and fascinating replies !) and you may also take the tour at whatever pace you choose.


Thank you for your great tour I took with you last Friday...We were all so very impressed with your so thought provoking  explanations of some of the pieces in the Egyptian rooms and Enlightenment gallery. It was very very  interesting from a number of esoteric perspectives and went far beyond the dry museum tours of mummies, dynasties and dead king lists offered

by others. 

Keep up 'The Great work'' Lee !



Had a great time at the British Museum with Lee, a really enlightened and mesmerising tour of the Egyptian artifacts from an occult way of analyzing the way the Egyptians used their magic in daily life and rituals....

Well worth the time and money spent ! 



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