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Egyptian Magic -British Museum and
Glastonbury sacred sites tours
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Hermetic Magnetism intensive seminar 

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Is a specialist private tour of the Egyptian section and the
Enlightenment Gallery at the British Museum. 

On this tour you shall learn of the magical and esoteric aspects in the Ancient Egyptian beliefs that is not found in the standard histories.

Lee Gerrard Barlow has over 20 years of experience in the Ancient Mystery traditions working with meditation,
trance states, magical and Yoga based practices

He has a passion for teaching the more hidden aspect of the Egyptian Wisdom to those who are willing to receive it and to be presented with different perspectives in honor of the great wealth of the Egyptian magical symbolism and its rich hidden Mysteries... 

The Egyptian Magic Tour Lee Gerrard-Barlow & Mark Booth
The Symbolic Mindset Lee Gerrard-Barlow & Mark Boooth
Lee exploring the artefacts with Mark Booth 

Author of the best-selling books
''Secret History of the World''  
''Sacred History : How Angels, Mystics and Higher  Intelligence
Made our World''    

"There are aspects in the sacred symbols that relate to the Egyptian Mystery itself...

and it is this Mystery or the perceived 'secret' of the Egyptians that subconsciously fascinates and inspires each voyeur upon its edifice"  

Lee Gerrard-Barlow 

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