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                                   UNDERSTANDING      THE WESTERN ESOTERIC TRADITION , TAROT                                                  AND   MEDITATION 



Learn how  to use the ‘Mirror of the soul’ ,                                                                                       to fully understand its relevance and connection with the Western Hermetic Tradition . 

In our private tuition course ,you will learn 


1 . The Tarot’s connection to personal development

2. Expert inside knowledge of the secret Structure and meaning of the whole of the Tarot and how to use it , for self reflection and divination . 

 3. How to turn the Tarot into a magical tool to manifest and define your goals


 4 . Study and understand key texts and manuscripts  .

 5. Self protection & creating sacred space .


6. Centering and meditation techniques .


7. Entry into the path of Presence ( Awakening & Awareness )

Lee Gerrard-Barlow has over 20 years of experience in the Ancient Mystery Traditions , working with Trance states , meditation , magical and Yoga based practices .

He is an experienced  lecturer ,a seminar leader and  the Premier Trainer for ISI/CNV International , the continental school of Dr Marco Paret where he teaches the arts of Magnetism (Mesmerism), Fascination

and 'Presence' based therapies. 

He has trained as an N.L.P Master Practitioner under Dr Richard Bandler's 'Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming'

and has comprehensively studied 'Hypnosis' at the prestigious Institute of Clinical Hypnosis .

He currently runs a busy hypnotherapeutic practice in London

and delivers workshops and seminars in UK and internationally in Mesmerism and Presence. 

Online study is offered as private sessions through Skype 

 Please contact me at to discuss arrangements and further details  

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